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Friday, 1 March 2019


Since the result of the 2016 Referendum, the People and Government of the UK have set unrealistic expectations for Brexit. The main theme in the UK has been .....The People have voted to leave but retain all the benefits of Membership of the EU. The EU said in 2016, We will not compromise with our Red Lines. If you leave the Club, you cannot expect to retain all the benefits of the Club.
No one thought about the Irish Border Problem.
Parliament are in a shambles.
Teresa May has tried her best to get an Agreement. It is clear that the EU will not change radically the Withdrawal Agreement - even if there is an extension of the Leave date.
We go around and around in never ending circles, brick wall after brick wall.

Reality meant that British Negotiators should have ..
Repeated from Day 1 that the only practical conclusions were .........-
A balanced Plan which respects the wishes of both the 17.4 Millions Leavers AND 16 Millions Remainers and respect for the Principles of the EU.
Compromise is the only solution. So, what should Compromise look like ?

The UK should remain in the Common Trading Market UNTIL a new Free Trade Agreement is established.
If any future agreement involves a Hard Border in Ireland this would take matters back to a no agreement.
I am disappointed that after 3 years negotiations with the EU, we have no Trading Agreement which does not involve a Hard Border in Ireland.

No Divorce Bill should be paid until a mutually agreed Trading Agreement is established.

A No Deal result should not be considered.

The EU should compromise by continuing the status quo on Trade, until a final deal is agreed.

UK Trade with the EU should obey EU rules for Goods and Services into the EU but, the EU should obey UK rules for EU goods and services into the UK.

All other features of the May Plan should remain the same.

If all this fails, I am afraid that both the UK and the EU will have to face up to about 3 years of mutual hardship before reality kicks in.

Monday, 4 February 2019



I am writing this article cruising from The Caribbean to The River Amazon Brazil.
Cruising is big business these days and it is a growth market.
As we cruise towards the River Amazon, it gives me the opportunity to observe my fellow passengers.

Here are my observational comments -

Most of the passengers are from the age groups 50,60,70,80.
There are no young people and no children.

I estimate that 50% of the women are obese with a large proportion morbid obese.
The women have large waistlines - perhaps about 45 BMI.
They have huge hips, huge bottoms, large arms and legs.
They shuffle along, many with walking sticks.
Some look like Beatles with round bodies and small legs.
They look awful.

The men are about 40% obese. They look similar to the women with big pot bellies, large posteriors, BMI over 40,
thick legs and they too look awful.

How did these people allow themselves to get like this ?

No wonder, the NHS have to cope with Diabetes, Heart attacks, just to name a few examples of illnesses directly related to obesity.

Let us face up to a truth about these Men and Women.
They could not care less.
They have lost their pride in their appearance. They do not exercise. They eat too much. They stuff themselves with the wrong foods and drinks.
We must stop trying to feel sorry for these gluttons, for that is what they are. They need to be shamed !
Yes, I accept that we live in a free speech era and free will.
However, these gluttons are causing the NHS massive problems and costing Society £Millions.

Free Healthcare should be conditional on Individual Health Reviews where people who are Obese must show signs of improvement over a set timetable.
They will be given a Dietary Programme to follow.
They will be given counselling. They will be given encouragement.
But, they must be told that they cannot continue to remain so unhealthy with excessive BMI.

This Policy might work bu t what else can we do to reduce the high levels of obesity in Society ?
For years we have tried encouragement. Perhaps now we need to try another approach to deal with these obese people.

Have you got any better ideas ?

Tuesday, 11 December 2018


Right from the beginning of the EU/UK Negotiations in 2016, the EU outgunned the UK Conservative Government.
The EU demanded that -

The UK had to agree a Divorce Bill which was eventually agree at £ 39 Billions.
I have never seen the justification or breakdown of this huge sum of money.
There was also other questions such as the future relationship of EU citizens and UK citizens post Brexit. The EU insisted that no negotiations on Trade could commence unless Part One as listed above were agreed.

Now, over 2 years there is no Trade agreement, disputes in the British Parliament and chaos.
What has the UK negotiators been doing all this time ?

First David Davies - smiling and shaking hands with his counterparts in the EU on TV - " All is well." Then, Raab doing the same "We are nearly there".  Dr Fox - "A Trade deal is in our grasp. "
Theresa May has tried her best but the fact is, the UK has not concluded a Trade deal with the EU.
This is a pathetic outcome. So what next ?

There can only be one sensible outcome to the gridlock  in Parliament  and in the EU. COMPROMISE.
What is the Compromise ?

The UK must stay in the Single Market as far as trade with the EU is concerned BUT the UK can make its own Trade deals with the rest of the World.
This means No border in Ireland between North and South, Certainty to Business and Prosperity for all.
Al the other EU concessions remain - UK has own Immigration Policy, British Parliament Supreme, British Laws supreme except for Trade between the EU and the UK when the European Court of Justice remains supreme.

We must consider the 48% who voted to stay in the EU. They get the compromise of the UK staying in the Single Market. Theresa May must abandon her Red Line.
The Leavers 52% get control over Immigration - a big reason for the Leave vote.

The present impasse is because the UK Negotiators have not been listening to the EU.
If you leave the Club you cannot enjoy the same benefits of the Club. If you leave the Single Market, you cannot have the same benefits as the members of the Single Market.

Parliament is split into factions. A complete withdrawal from the EU - NO Deal - is chaos for the UK and the EU. Stop asking for this. Norway deal, Canada deal, Switzerland deal, Bespoke deal ( which might or might not be agreed, Irish Backstop problem.

I wish I was a Politician in Parliament at this historic moment. All I can do as a humble British Citizen is to write these articles.

BUT, is anyone listening ?

Monday, 10 December 2018




MAY be this or it MAY be that
MAY be that or it MAY be this
There could be a twist
Or MAY might be a Miss
Should we leave ?
What should we believe ?
Do you know if we should Go ?
Do you know if we should stay ?
MAY be this or it MAY be that
I can smell a rat
So, take your pick
It’s not a trick
It MAY be this or it MAY be that.

Sung by Fairy Godmother. ACT 3 Final Scene....or is it ?

Sunday, 2 December 2018



My Wife and I have been strong supporters to various charities for many years now. We do our best to support certain Charities. My priorities are RAF Bomber Command Memorial, The Royal British Legion and Cancer Research as well as our local Church. In my case I have donated a New Saint George’s Flag on Remembrance Day to the Church in Beaconsfield for the past 20 years.
We are also Volunteers in the local Community. We are doing our part and most of our friends are doing their part too.

Of course, Millions of other people donate to Charities from time to time during the course of the year. These people are caring people and I have every respect for them.

This year 2018, I am saddened by the heart breaking appeals on television. Appeals for clean water in villages across Africa.
Appeals for children dying in Yemen.

Here are some examples of some of the Charities advertising on TV this year.....

MSF Hospitals - “ Medicin Sans Fronieres “. Send £10

Water send £3

Adopt a child - Give £3 per month

Dogs for the blind - Send £3 per month

Great Ormond Street - Send £10, £20, £30

British Heart Foundation _  Send £5 per month

Cancer research - Send £3 per month

Send toy for a child - £3 per month

Shelter - Send  £5 for children homeless

Macmillan - Send £3 per month

Guide dogs for the Blind - Send £3 per month.

Care International - Send £3 per month

Salvation Army -  Send £5 per month

There may be more. These example are only the ones I have viewed on TV.
They are all very deserved appeals but........

All these appeals made me so sad. They are all desperate for money.

Now, here is my disgust ! I do not blame the Charities at Christmas. I blame the British Government and The United Nations. Why ?

The British Government sends £13 Billions in Overseas Development Aid. Isn’t Clean Water for villages in Africa a priority ? Why do Charities have to beg for donations at Christmas ? It is shocking.
Isn’t Guide Dogs for the blind a priority.
Much of the Overseas Development Fund is wasted - in Government corruption in Africa, Officials taking their “ Commission “ as well as Middle Men taking their Cut in distribution costs.
There does not seem to be Accountability. Government Priorities are wrong,

My solution, is to give the money to the Charities first. Let them provide more water pumps. Let them feed the starving. Let them heal the sick like MSF.
Only if there is money left over, give it to other overseas projects like - Farming, Schools, Hospitals, Training Doctors and Nurses. There should be plenty. If The UK give £13 Billions , what is the total sent worldwide ? The USA is the biggest donor towards World Poverty.
What about the recent United Nations Report that says that in the UK there are Millions of children living in Poverty ? Let us start dealing with this before we give away £13 Billions. Get the Priorities right.

It is so shocking that each Christmas, out of desperation, the Charities have to bombard us night after night asking for money. Note also, they ask for between £3 and £5 per month.
This amounts to £36 per year or £60 per year.
Most Pensioners find it difficult to live on their pensions but the TV adverts prick their hearts and they feel obligated to donate.

The same priories apply to The United Nations and UNESCO.
They should raise more money from the countries forming the General Council in New York.

I am pessimistic ! For the duration of my lifetime, there have been terrible suffering in the World.
We need to revise the Priorities.

The Churches and the Charities are the best routes for spending money not the Governments. However, the Charities also need accountability, scrutiny and monitoring too.
Something has to change !  There are so many examples of Aid being abused in the World.
The UK cannot solve all the problems in the World but the UK can help solve the desperate TV calls for help - the list that I have provided all need more help. The Public cannot be burdened at the expensive Christmas period when £13 Billions are spent on other Overseas Projects.
A review of the UK Overseas Aid budget is long overdo. Many people believe that the money should be spent on solving some of the problems in the UK. The UN should be responsible for Overseas Aid so that the burden is shared by the World Community.

But, will anything change ? I hope so, but I am doubtful.
Next Christmas I expect even more appeals from all these caring Charities. 
Next year, I will be even more saddened by the plight of children in Africa, children in Yemen, Homeless in Britain ans elsewhere in the World !

Tuesday, 27 November 2018


May be this or it May be that..........

I must admit that I am confused - not because I am losing my cognitive faculties but because I am getting mixed messages from the Politicians.
Here are the reasons for my confusion......

President Trump has expressed doubts about a future trade deal with the UK but we already trade with the USA via the EU.
Theresa May - whom I highly regard as a wonderful woman - has spent 2 years trying hard to negotiate with the EU but she has failed to finalise a Trade Deal in these 2 years. Cabinet Ministers have said We will get a new frictionless deal. Wishful thinking.
The fact is we have NOT got a Trade deal.

The agreement with the EU about the future is as flexible as it can be. No firm agreement. Fantasy land.
It is because of this failure that I now would vote against the agreement unless there are amendments.
The Government spokesmen say We have protected our Fishing Industry. This appears to be wrong. In any case. Macron has said he will vote any future deal down unless the French Fishermen can fish as at present.

There is so much woolly thinking about Trade.
Can we or can’t we deal with the USA .

Here is my other concern.........

At present the UK trades with the World via the EU who act as a strong negotiating team.
Do you think the EU would like the U.K. to compete with them ? No.
That is why, the future Trade Deal would say...The UK must not offer better deals than the EU.
The UK cannot leave the short term Trade deal without
the EU agrees. Is this true ?

So, I am now a Doubter.

Where do we go from here......Does anyone know ?

Wednesday, 21 November 2018





Music & Journalism



18 December 2018


" It is never too late to change your Lifestyle, "

" Fight Fear with Hope "

" Learn from Experience "

Raymond Williams MA MPhil MBA DIPM


Dylan Thomas was one of Wales's most famous Poets and Authors.

His most famous work was a play entitled  " Under Milkwood. " This was a play about a small Welsh village and the first line in his play was  " To begin and the beginning. "

So, today, I am going to Begin at the End !
By the end.,I mean the end so far 2018.

In January and February this years I was in Australia. I did a lot of walking, including climbing to the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge. In March I was in Spain and I developed a blister of my right foot.
I went to a Chiropodist who cut away some dead skin and put a dressing over the blister.
In April, over a 2 day period, the blister turned Black. I had a Diabetic Infected Ulcer.
I was rushed to hospital, put of an Anti Biotic drip for a week and for the next few months attended Wycombe Hospital. The Ulcer has now healed at last. So, my first lesson for you is - Infection can kill and travel fast around your body. Personal Healthcare is a priority.

Let me take you back to my earlier days when I was 20 years of age.
A popular song at the time was - " Cigarettes and Whiskey and Wild Wild Women. " They were singing about Me !
I was a Rugby player and I rowed in the 1st VIII at University. I used to have lovely cooked breakfasts, lunch in the Students cafeteria, Pie and chips,  fish and chips, Pasties and chips and sometimes when the money ran out, chips and chips !
Of course, as normal, I had 6 pints of beer on a Saturday night at the Students dance. I did not care about calories, diets, healthy eating. I did not expect any illness. My weight was 12 stone and I was a happy young man. I was married at 22 and had my first son at 27.

At 24, I won the first Institute of Marketing Scholarship to the USA and took the Advanced Management  course at Harvard Business School.  At 31, I was the Chief Executive of the largest British Office supplies company at the time - Ofrex Limited and I was on the Group Executive Board. At 41, I was the Chief of the Worldwide Group of Medical Companies in the British Oxygen Company.  I travelled the World, staying in the best hotels and dining in the best restaurants such as Maximes in Paris, Peninsular  Hotel in Hong Kong, Savoy in London and so on.
I had the company expense account and as a result the sky was the limit ! Grilled breakfast, Steak for lunch with wine, every type of dinners with wine and a brandy. I smoked Cigars of all types - Montecristo and Partaga cigars my favourites.

I remember once in Paris, my Finance Director and I went to a famous Fish restaurant on the Champs Elysee. We ordered a " Fruit de Mer dish  "- a large selection of Lobster, Prawns, Mussels, Oysters  and so on.  A bottle of Chablis went down a treat. Afterwards, we had a short walk down the Champs Elysee and entered a Steak restaurant for our Main course !. Yes, you have guest it - and a bottle of red Italian Barolo. Of course we had a lovely desert to finish the meal.

And so, the unhealthy lifestyle went on and on But, at what cost ?

My weight peaked at 14 stone 3 pounds.
I developed Diabetes Type 2.
I had a TIA or Mini Stroke.
Skin Cancer

Time to change my an Healthy Regime. " Preventative Healthcare is preferable to Remedial Healthcare. " This is the Lifestyle for NOW and the rest of the 21st Century.


First Priority - Eat and drink Healthily.

My normal Breakfast is Cereals - Shredded Wheat, Corn Flakes or Bran Flakes, Low fat Milk, Porridge, Water, Black Coffee, sometimes Toast Brown Bread.
Half a Banana - A whole Banana pushed my Potassium level to 5.5, which is detrimental to the body.
Half a banana pulled it back to 5 which is normal.
Snack - Walnuts. Flat White Coffee.

Lunch - Salads, or Sandwich. Black Coffee, Water in the UK.
Same in Spanish  Home- mainly Avocado and Prawns, Salads, Fish ( Meluza  Lenquado, Bacalao, Rosada ), Water.

Dinner - Fish, Stir Fry, sometimes Meat,  Water. Sometimes Cheese.

The Normal Regime includes the following........

  • No more Wine. 
  • No more Beer.
  • No more Brandy 
  • No more Cigars.
  • Sun Cream Factor 50 and Hat always whilst in Sunny Climates even in cloud
  • Sometimes a Bun. 
  • Avoided Biscuits. 
  • Plenty of Water for hydration.
  • No more Chocolates
  • No more sweets
  • No more cakes
We have an allotment at Flackwell Heath growing lots of vegetables and fruit.

My Daily use of the iPad and PC helps to stimulate my Brain and enhance Cognitive Performance.

I had began to realise at last that I could die young.  I wanted to live longer.

So, I joined Bisham Abbey Sports Centre and for 10 years did rowing, cycling and the weights.
Joined Beaconsfield Squash Club

Then, I joined the Wycombe 50 Plus Club at Handy Cross, became the Chairman and served on the Executive Committee for 10 years.

  • I played table tennis and short tennis twice a week. I had an excellent Social Life.  We go on trips every month.  I have had many holidays in our second home in Spain - lots of Vitamin D from the sunlight. This year we have been to Australia, Spain twice, Iceland and we are going on a cruise to the Caribbean and the Amazon River in Brazil in January. Lots of exercise ! Lots of Social interaction. We are not lonely.

Next, I joined the Flackwell Heath Tennis Club and latterly the Wooburn Tennis Club where I can play against people aged in their 40s. Of course. I always lose !

On a Monday morning, I play indoor tennis at the Bucks tennis Centre. I have at least 5 hours of Exercise per week.

But, what about this horrible disease called " Dementia " ?

My defence is an Active Mind.  I write articles about Politics, Cultural and Social Affairs 
In Britain Today which I feature on my website - EUREKYS. So far, I have written 199 Articles since 2010.

Next, I compose music. This has included, a Concerto called " The Wild Flowers of the London Olympic Games 2012." in honour of the wonderful displays of wild flowers at the Olympic Park. The Company who provided the seeds, were so impressed that they put the Concerto on the front page of their website. I have also composed some 13 Pop Songs - my song " Cry over You " won a Gold in The Great American Song Contest some years ago. It has been played 17,000 times on Global Digital Radio stations. My song " Everytime " was arranged by Richard Niles. who has had 40 World Hits with artists such as - Kylie Minogue, Tina Turner, Maria Carey, Paul McCartney, Pet Shop Boys and more.

My article " The Online Digital Music Revolution in the 21st Century " is my most viewed Article.

YouTube have all my music - Ray Williams EUREKYS. Headphones must be worn for perfect sound.

There is more......Volunteering. My wife and I have been Volunteers at the Wycombe Swan Theatre for 12 years. We are life supporters of The Collage of Saint George at Windsor Castle and I am donor to renovate old books in the Queens Archive Library at the Castle.
I am currently helping to raise funds for Bomber Command Memorial at Lincoln and the archives at Lincoln University in honour of the 58,000 young men who died fighting for RAF Bomber Command in WW2, including my Father who flew Lancaster Bombers.

Today I am 82. I should be dead but I am not thanks for a change in my Lifestyle.

  • My weight today is 11 stone.
  • Diabetes is under control.  
  • Exercise  gives me more energy and not less.
  • My BMI index is 23.
  • My biological age is 64.
  • Stress under control
  •  199 Articles comleted
I still have some threats to my health but I cannot stop the Ageing Process and I cannot stop my eventual demise. However, I hope to live a few more years yet. Perhaps long enough to see a solution to Brexit !

The Romans really got health right !  Their Philosophy was " Mens Sana in Corpore Sano " which means " A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body. "
I recommend to you that you practise Mens Sana in Corporte Sano too.

Finally, be caring towards yourself. Whatever the problem, you can find a solution.  We all suffer ups and downs in our lives.  The Greeks Philosophers said " Know thyself ." Be confidant and strong.
Enjoy your lives to the full but follow an  Healthy Lifestyle.

I wish all of you A Very Happy and Healthy New Year. Success in your careers wherever your paths may lead you.

 Thank you for inviting me and a special Thank You to 
Doctor  Maria  Konstantaki for inviting me and for the great work she is doing at Bucks New University.

Speech given at Dr Maria Konstantaki Lecture
at Bucks New University, High Wycombe
18 December 2018

Music and Journalism